“Mana” is a missing link in the chain of Nubiferous releases: these recordings, made in 2011 have never been released until now by force of circumstances. This album initiated experiments with acoustic musical instruments adding archaics and folk colours to the sound canvas of Nubiferous that harmonizes with the album concept: “mana” is a supernatural force or power that may be ascribed to persons, animals, inanimate objects or spirits.

The CD contains 70 minutes of natural ritualistic ambient and comes in a handnumbered 4-panel A5 Digifile limited to 499 pieces designed with the author's photographs.

Released by Post Tenebras Musica (Russia), Vegvisir Music (Russia) and Le Crepuscule Du Soir Productions (France).

Review in Side-Line music magazine by Stéphane Froidcoeur

Genre/Influences: Ritual, dark-ambient, soundtrack.
Content: Inspired by ‘nature mysticism’, Nubiferous for sure is a familiar project for all lovers of ritual music experiences. The Russian project is already active since 1999 and can look back on an impressive discography.
Their newest work has been released as a collaboration by two Russian labels (Post Tenebras Musica and :Vegivsir Music) and a French label (Le Crépuscule du Soir). The result is worthy of examination featuring a DVD digipak format limited to 499 copies.
Elements of nature –probably resulting from field recordings, are noticeable elements on this work and takes off with aquatic sounds on “Clandestine.” The track rapidly evolves into a dark mysterious and definitely ritual style. There’s a great progression in sound and structure running through this piece, which is mainly animated by a chilling flute. The ritual character always comes back and directly reaches a climax at “Temple Of The Sun.” The cadence is pretty tribal like while ritual influences created by bells and freaky flutes bring this composition into frightful place.
“Mana” is filled with disturbing sound passages, which seem to invite the listeners to join imaginary nightmarish images. “Edge Of Summer” has a very strong visual appeal in the genre. The title track sounds more like conceived for a soundtrack and it reminds me a bit of the chilling passages running through the Mel Gibson movie “Apocalypto”. There’s a strong call from the forest(s) emerging from this song, which mainly comes through in field recordings of birds. Together with the dark creation of the music they seem to announce a nearby disaster… like an apocalypse.
The last tracks remain pretty dark and ritual-like. Metallic loops run through “Valun”, which also reveals great repetitive sequences. The last cut “1401” is an interesting one for its sound manipulations, but it’s maybe a bit too long and repetitive.
Conclusion: “Mana” is a poignant ritual exposure by a confirmed and talented band in the genre.
Best songs: “Temple Of The Sun”, “Mana”, “Valun”, “Edge Of Summer”.
Rate: (DP:7½)DP.

Die Natur und derer Mythen sind unter anderem die Grundsteine, auf die man bei Nubiferous baut, ein Projekt, welches mittlerweile auch schon einige Werke hervor gebracht hat. Vorliegende Publikation wurde bereits 2011 bewerkstelligt, blieb der Rezipientenschaft allerdings bislang unzugänglich, was sich nun aber glücklicherweise ändert. Glücklich deshalb, da “Mana” viel zu stark ist, um in Vergessenheit zu geraten. Im schicken A5 Digi verpackt, so warten sieben Vertonungen auf den Hörer, angesiedelt zwischen Field Recordings und rituellen Klanglandschaften, die vorrangig auf Flöte, Percussion und Synthesizer beruhen. Dabei entspringt dem Werk von Beginn an ein recht eigentümlicher Reiz und das ,obwohl man ehr mit einfachen Mitteln agiert, die aber das Musikbild enorm prägen. Die erwähnte Percussion entspringt unter anderem rituellen Trommeln und diversen Gongs, etwas, was hier für die Songaufbauten von unschätzbaren Wert ist. Aber man kommt auch völlig ohne Taktgebung aus und wiegt sich dann vielmehr in spielerischer Verträumtheit. Man ahnt richtig, “Mana” ist eine starke Scheibe geworden, vielleicht sogar die bislang Beste von Nubiferous- und genau solche Alben sind es, die der momentan irgendwie schwächelnde Ambient Sektor auch braucht! Dabei bleibt der Spanungsbogen ständig im oberen Level, woraus letztendlich resultiert, dass man immer tiefer in den Bann gezogen wird, der von “Mana” ausgeht.
Eine Reise von hoher Güte erwartet den Konsumenten, um die alle Hörer von rituellem Ambient nicht herumkommen werden- meine absolute Empfehlung!

It's absolutely without a doubt that Russia provides some of the greatest folk soundscapes, it has been proven time and time again with the likes of Beer Bear, Arkona, and many others. Those bands manage to harness the power of nature and center it around their modern day instruments, but Nubiferous are of a slightly different breed. They take the grandness of the elements and place them into an audio form, free of any electric instruments or modern drums and instead utilize the organic environment to create their rhythms and harmonies. Little is known about Nubiferous, or at least not much that I could find. I'll fully admit that I am not the most fluent in drone or ambient music, and thus my knowledge and naivety on where to find such information is weak at best. To be brutally honest, I'm not even sure how to review a piece such as Mana, or how to classify it in a number range of 0-10 in terms of "is it good as far as ambient folk drone is concerned?" In truth, I don't know. So this will be one of those extremely rare reviews where I'm going to use the words "I", and "me". I am a noob to this genre, so forgive me and have a laugh at my inexperience. I'm assuming that ambient folk drone is supposed to make you feel close to nature, and if that's the case Mana surely makes me feel at one with the earth. If I close my eyes, I can envision myself wandering through the thickly wooded Russian mountainsides, following trails littered with freshly fallen pine needles and venturing to areas that are surrounded by free running streams and small wildlife. It makes me want to set out on an adventure into the wilderness and escape this suburban habitat that I so crudely call home. I can almost feel the fresh air cleansing my lungs, spirit and mind as the scent of cedar envelopes my sense of smell. The album is almost a vacation for the mind, and is a perfect escape after a long, stressful day. The album is filled with anything and everything that would make one believe that they were actually in nature, were their eyes closed and their mind opened; chirping birds, rushing creeks, gentle streams, light buzzing, winds and wind chimes are just the beginning of the audible experience at hand. The material also has a wide variety of medieval instruments, most of which I can't even begin to name. That little thing you put in your mouth and push the thing on it to make a twang sound? That's in here, along with rain sticks, sticks hitting sticks and stones, all kinds of flutes, horns and pipes, a bell (maybe even a triangle), and many other instruments that make hollow, tranquil drone sounds. "Valun" is the longest song, clocking in at 18 and a half minutes, and is by far the most drone inspired of the lot. The largest portion of this track is made up of a droning sound that quickly goes back and forth between the left and right speaker, all the while a light scraping is present in the background. This is also the darkest and most doom oriented piece of material, which takes away the carefree thoughts and feelings of the earlier tracks. Just as madness begins to settle in, a dissonant stringed instrument picks notes at an infrequent rhythm and breaks up the monotony. Needless to say, I enjoyed Mana a lot. Typically, settings and sounds that are solely focused on nature and the like are not my forte, but this album may have just changed that for me. The way that the material started off relaxed and innocent, then took an unforeseen grim, mildly chaotic twist at the end is a shock to the senses. Despite the lack of lyrical matter or modern instruments, the content manages to hold the attention of the audience. It's almost like listening to an entire day in just one hour; dawn, noon and twilight are all portrayed in an audible way that paints vivid scenery in the eye of the mind. Even though, blatantly, I suck at identifying folk instruments and I have very little knowledge of the genres at hand, I may seek more simply because of Nubiferous. So let your mind go for an hour, and just drift in the sweet sublime of Mana.

Aunque los temas que vertebran este impresionante trabajo musical fueron grabados en el año 2011, el impresionante álbum “Mana” de Nubiferous fue presentado oficialmente el pasado mes de octubre a través de los sellos discográficos rusos Post Tenebras Musica y Vegvisir Music, junto a la compañía francesa Le Crepuscule Du Soir Productions. Una lujosa edición limitada de 499 unidades numeradas a mano, engalanada con fotografías del propio autor, y con una impactante portada donde se integra lo naturalista con lo simbólico hábilmente camuflado en estos sinuosos dibujos y formas. “Mana” atesora más de setenta minutos de música ambient, étnica, experimental y ritual compuesta por Nubiferous, y que estoy seguro que encantará a los melómanos lectores de Lux Atenea Webzine que se apasionan profundamente con las corrientes sonoras más vanguardistas dentro del universo sonoro actual. Siete espectaculares composiciones para ser disfrutadas con intensidad, y cuya audición iniciaremos con la acuosa entrada en el tema “Clandestine”, de místico influjo psicológico, que irá evolucionando sonoramente hacia entornos más opacos donde el horizonte se irá distorsionando hasta perder completamente la forma y la percepción de lo que es cielo y lo que es tierra. Posteriormente, la llama de lo sagrado iluminará el tema “Temple of the Sun” con el sensible viento de lo trascendente que integrará lo interior y espiritual con lo universal e infinito hasta llevar al ser a un nuevo estado de consciencia, y que, en “Edge of Summer”, dejará la calidez de su existencia atrás en este cíclico rumbo del alma hacia su pureza final. Como una melodía sagrada en honor la Gran Diosa Madre, la composición que da título a este álbum, “Mana”, hará resplandecer el inconmensurable poder la Madre Naturaleza en su esplendor vital donde formas y entidades se mueven en el difícil equilibrio establecido dentro de la divina balanza de la vida y la muerte. Mucho más intenso se presentará el tema “Quercus Petraea” como fusión de lo ancestral con la manifestación de la vida en su simbólico mensaje religioso relacionado con el axis mundi que, en “Valun”, vibrará con la frecuencia mística de lo inconsciente como fuente de sabiduría originada en el atman interior, y que nos comunica directamente con la divinidad. Cerrando este ciclo eterno, el tema “1401” nos impulsará hacia lo hierático como si siguiéramos a un ouroboros en el perpetuo retorno a su origen. “Mana”, desde Rusia, ecléctico talento musical inmortalizado en este lujoso álbum. ¡¡¡Disfrútenlo!!!   

Если отрешиться от повседневного шума и прислушаться, то можно многое услышать. Услышать, как Природа ведет свой бесконечный монолог на древнем языке, распознать тайные послания взывающих к нам элементов и духов в шорохе веток, тихом ворковании ручьев и шуме полевых трав, разбуженных набегами грозного ветра, предвещающего грозу. Но для этого нужно покинуть тесные мегаполисы и искать следы этого языка на лоне природы, в расселинах древних скал, на которых каменный рисунок хранит узоры многовековых ритуалов. Музыкант из Пятигорска, выпускающий свои релизы под названием «Nubiferous», из своих путешествий по таким  местам, чья Память не тронута дотошной и вездесущей цивилизацией, приносит не только фотографические, но и звуковые отчеты в стилистике «organic & ritual ambient», некоторые из них составили его первый «физический» альбом (после ряда цифровых, хорошо принятых в кругу поклонников подобной музыки) «Mana». Это очень простая и понятная музыка – впрочем, никто не утверждает, что музыка, подслушанная у Природы, должна быть сложной. Автор использует пение флейт и деревянных дудочек, голоса которых взывают к каким-то очень глубоким областям подсознания, напоминая о днях, когда кто-то из предков, заложивших основу нашей родовой памяти, подслушивая еще не ставшие тайными песни ветра, пытался воссоздать их, затевая со стихией диалог… может быть, безрезультатный, а, может быть, и нет. Также в ход идет ритуальная перкуссия, активно используются колокольчики и прочие металлические предметы, тихо продавливают границы реальности гудящим напором синтезаторы, а одну из главных ролей берут на себя полевые записи, обеспечивая эффект присутствия. Шорохи листьев, поступь  шагов, последние ночные песни цикад на исходе уходящего лета, перестук камней, журчание воды и прочие шумы, которые мы порой совершенно не замечаем и уж точно не стремимся принять их за музыку. Каждая из композиций альбома – законченная картина-ритуал, герметичная круговерть звуков и образов, очень убедительно и достоверно вырисовывающих пейзажи и объекты, о которых стремиться поведать автор. Что-то звучит вполне обыденно, что-то граничит с потусторонним миром и миром сновидений, наполняя реальность размытыми отпечатками «с той стороны», но в целом «Mana» предстает целостной и уверенной работой исполнителя, которому есть, что рассказать слушателю и есть, куда проводить жаждущих открытий и прозрений людей тихим летним вечером, напоенным голосами окружающего мира и ощущением сопричастности к очень древним силам и событиям, неразрывно связанных с нашей жизнью. Интересный альбом.

BLAND VARGAR - Notturno 11 (reissue 2013) - Digipack CD
Bland Vargar is a winter's creature, a pack of wolves wandering to awaken their inner strength.
Bland Vargar play epic raw black metal, period.
As cold as the winter dawn, their sound is sharp and ethereal at the same time, elements dear to the blackest tradition and folk ambient ouvertures merge seamlessly, creating a personal way of telling stories and expressing feelings in music. In two words, brutal and evocative. 
Limited to 500 copies
DITHYRAMVOS - Fervid Eternal Affinity

Dithyramvos is an one man project.basic genre is ambient black metal.with guiding force the interesting & involve to the Metal myth-history, occult,universal forces,hellenic pagan past & timeless philosophy compose the hymns & laments for the times to come....

Limited A5 digipack - 200 copies + Booklet
MENTHE DE MENTHE - La mano sinistra

Lo-Fi industrial, techno & speedcore producer from Italy

Limited A5 digipack + Booklet + 2 badges
- 50 copies
WOLFUNERAL - War poetry

A true masterpiece starring a violin undisputed emotionally charged and distressing. The end result is extraordinary is a mix of Black Metal arrangements, deadlifts choral and piano accompaniment. Beautiful symphonies that take inspiration from every genre and subgenre, from Gothic to Classical Music, from Ambient pieces and ballads.
Limited A5 digipack - 101 copies


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1 to 100 copies

TAIGA - Ashen Light - CD

Insane Depressive Black metal from Siberia.
Terrific vocals!!!

Co-release with Metallic Media (USA)
and Satanah Records (Russia)

Limited to 1000 copies

SANTO ROSTRO - Santo Rostro - 2014

In early March will be available the homonymous debut album of SANTO ROSTRO in Vinyl LP.
A limited edition of 250 hand numbered copies in 140 gr. black vinyl, with an elegant insert.

Reserve now your copy at

Limited to 250 copies
MOLOCH - Horizont - Picture 12" LP

New album "Horizont" will be released in February as picture 12'LP vinyl. Pure Atmosperic Dark Ambient with some black metal touches, female choir and violin.

Co-release with Depressive Illusions (Ukraine)
and Legs Akimbo (UK)

Limited to 250 copies

Upcoming release

HAERESIARCHS OF DIS - Tria Prima Diabolica 7"EP - 2013

Infamous black metal!!!!!!

• Copulation of the Waning Phase
• Centrum Naturae Funeralis
• Nightmare

The Essence of Nothingness - Volume 1

A new free compilation is available now:

01 Fifteen Dead - NecroCrust
02 Fregoli Delusion - 02 II (Epiphanies)
03 Hæresiarchs Of Dis - Ensorcelled by Khaos*
04 Imago Metus - Moral Nihilism
05 Narbeleth-Dark - Primitive Cult (regrabada 2011)
06 Omegathrum Moon - The Devil's Orthodox
07 Turdus Merula - Casus
08 Diablery - Vanity of Darkness
09 Inverted - Enuma elish
10 Windstorm - Eternal Gods Forgotten
11 Lux Serpent of Eden - Die In November
12 Malorum - Rise Of The Doomed One
13 SOBS - Diabolical Mighty Darkness

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